Why a 12-Month Marketing Plan is Important for Business Growth?

12 month marketing plan Sanctuary Labs

A marketing plan helps to keep your business on top of the needs and desires of your target market and improve profitability.

Operating without a plan is a bit like driving without a destination in mind, or a map!

But a 12-month marketing plan enables you to set marketing goals for the year and create a set of strategies and activities for getting there.

Marketing plan elements

A sound marketing plan should contain these elements:

  • Mission: states the mission of your plan, which also needs to align with the business’s overall mission and vision.
  • Goals: creates measurable targets for all the aspects of the plan – such as attracting 15% more traffic to the website, increasing the number of leads by 10%, and so on.
  • Target audiences: sound marketing always begins with knowing what your target markets need and desire. A good way to go about this is to create buyer personas that describe the typical customers you want to attract.
  • Marketing strategies: this includes the types of marketing content you intend creating – such as articles, blogs, videos, e-books and social media posts. However, it should be more than just a list of strategies – it should also specify how much and when of each. A content calendar can be useful for this.
  • Budget: explains the costs involved in your campaigns and what each one entails.
  • Competitors: a profile of the competitors within your industry and any challenges they present.
  • Plan participants and responsibilities: marketing team members and their tasks and projects over the year.

One of the most important aspects of a marketing plan is evaluating your campaigns to determine which strategies and methods have been the most successful. This information is very valuable in other ways too – you can use to feed into the development of next year’s 12-month marketing plan.

Speak with the team at Sanctuary Labs to formulate your twelve-month marketing plan.

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