What Can Famous Companies Tell You About Rebranding?

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Do you need to update your logo to keep up with the latest design trends, or overhaul your entire brand to appeal to a changing audience? Rebranding can give your business a chance to reset, refresh, modernise and improve.

There are a number of large companies that have done this well, without losing their brand identity in the process.

-LEGO is a great example. The famous toy company added digital channels and movies and modernised its products in order to connect with today’s kids. This led to a massive turnaround, often hailed as one of the most successful ever.

-Tupperware needed to ditch its 1970s image while honouring its heritage. Its rebranding strategy included creating a new brand signature and visual identity, focusing on the empowerment of women.

IAG wanted to show itself as a warm and approachable brand and to connect more with customers. In rebranding, it changed its logo and colours, modernised its visual identity, built a digital presence and strengthened its links to customer brands.

-Bupa rebranded after acquiring several other health insurance companies. The company was praised by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) due to the way it managed to replace three major health insurers “without undermining a collective of 3.1 million clients.” In fact, Bupa’s rebranding was so successful, it was named Project of the Year by AIPM at the time.

So if you haven’t thought about your business image for a while, it might be time for a review – even if it’s as simple as updating your brand colours!

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