Website Check-Up: Does Your Site Need a Refresh?


A great website is a must-have in business, but it’s not a ‘set and forget’ situation!

If you haven’t updated your website for a while, there are a few tell-tale signs that a refresh might be in order.

  • It isn’t ranking as well as it used to with search engines.
  • It’s slow to load, and/or not loading properly on mobile devices.
  • The content isn’t too great – e.g. perhaps poorly written or stuffed with keywords.
  • It doesn’t integrate well with third party sites like social platforms, or it has broken links and 404 pages.
  • Users need to click too many times to get to valuable content.
  • It’s just looking a bit dated now – perhaps cluttered or hard to read or follow.

If you tick the boxes for any (or all!) of the above, steps to take include:

  • Improving SEO in line with current best-practice and ensuring your site is crawlable by search engines.
  • Updating content – for example, through regular articles and videos offering valuable information for users.
  • Optimising images so they are quicker to load.
  • Integrating socials and other platforms.
  • Ensuring the site is mobile-friendly – easy to use on different-sized screens.
  • Redesigning visuals so the site is more streamlined, appealing and easy to navigate.

How is your website looking lately? Reach out to the team at Sanctuary Labs to find out more about the best website design practices.