Ways to Catch and Keep Customers Through Digital Marketing


Finding new customers – and keeping them – is a top priority for businesses, especially during the disruption of the pandemic.

Digital marketing has had a huge impact on customer acquisition and retention, and this doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

Here are some digital marketing strategies to consider implementing in your business to optimise how you catch and keep customers.

  1. Building an effective e-commerce model.
  2. Greater use of AI and machine learning for customer targeting.
  3. Use of video (including short-form video) to communicate with audiences.
  4. Customer segmentation and personalisation – while this has been an important trend for some time it may now be more pertinent than ever.
  5. Increased online engagement and communication on social platforms.
  6. Use of ads on Google and social media for lead generation.
  7. Gathering feedback and reviews – this is not only important for making improvements but also for understanding your customers better.
  8. Email marketing. Email is great for connection and also offers enormous scope for personalisation.
  9. Creating exclusive deals for customers – think loyalty programs, rewards, special discounts, and user-only events and privileges.
  10. Improved post-purchase communications and care. It’s one thing to provide a great product or service initially, but what about after the event?

Finally, nothing ever stands still, so it’s important to keep up with new developments and techniques in this space, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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