How to Achieve Brand Consistency Across Touchpoints

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People tend to prefer dealing with brands they are familiar with, that they feel they can trust. This explains why brand consistency is so crucial in business.

Here are some of the benefits of brand consistency, and how to develop it.

The benefits of creating brand consistency and trust

Brand consistency helps make your brand more memorable and familiar to your audiences. It also:

  • Helps customers to know what they can expect from you across all touchpoints.
  • Facilitates the building of strong customer relationships and customer loyalty.
  • Makes it easier to introduce and communicate new messages.
  • Communicates to audiences how your brand stands out from the rest.

5 helpful ways to create brand consistency

How can you go about it?

1. Build a strong brand identity

This is a good starting point. Building your brand identity includes determining your brand values, beliefs and goals, defining your target audiences, researching competitors and creating a brand visual identity including colours and logo. It’s also important to define your brand’s ‘personality’ – whether that’s serious, quirky, fun, humorous or corporate.

2. Develop a brand style guide

You should create and document clear guidelines so that whoever works for you knows how to communicate your brand’s messages. This helps facilitate greater uniformity across all the platforms you use. Considerations for your guide include tone of voice, fonts, grammatical rules, logo placements, colour combinations, and icons. Along with your style guide, consider creating brand templates for your people to use when communicating about your brand.

3. Keep all messaging consistent

It could be that you make some adjustments when communicating across different platforms (for example, perhaps more business-like language for LinkedIn than for, say, Facebook). However, it still remains important that the brand’s imagery and personality shines through and that your essential messaging is consistent across the different platforms.

4. Nurture suitable partnerships

Partnering with other businesses or influencers helps increase awareness of your brand. If you intend to create partnerships, make sure your partners or influencers will appeal to your audiences, share your values, and communicate messages that help facilitate brand consistency for you.

5. Build a consistent content strategy

Regular posting of high-quality content is important for digital marketing and search engine optimisation. But it also helps with building an image of authority, reliability, and trust. Make creating a content schedule a high priority for your brand!

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