Do You Know the Difference Between Push and Pull Marketing?

Push vs Pull Marketing Sanctuary Labs Melbourne

Have you heard the terms ‘push’ and ‘pull’ marketing but you’re not sure what they mean?

If so, here’s a brief explanation.

Pull marketing

As the name implies this strategy ‘pulls’ people in. An example of pull marketing is where someone uses Google search to find a pair of a certain brand of shoes in their area. Let’s say they type in ‘X brand shoes near me’ – Google will return a list of results showing where they can get X brand shoes.

Using pull marketing in your business involves creating content and ads that contain popular search words or terms. Keyword research is required for this. Review sites and social media pages can also be helpful for creating a pull marketing strategy, as they can show what people are interested in or looking for.

Push marketing

This, of course, is the opposite of pull marketing. If you see an unexpected ad pop up while you are on a website, it’s likely to have been created using a push strategy. Social media ads and email messages with time-limited offers are examples of push marketing strategies.

Push marketing can be used in your business to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to respond. For example, let’s say you have created a new product and have a special time-limited offer on it. People may not be actively looking for your product or may not even know your business exists. In this case, you could use a push strategy to ‘push’ your offers to specific audiences to let them know about your offering.

When to push or pull

While push marketing is generally a quicker method than pull, both have their place. It’s very likely that you will need to use a mix of both strategies in order to get your message out there and grow your business.

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