Digital Marketing Trends for 2021: A Future Snapshot


Business owners should keep up with the latest digital marketing trends to remain relevant, and avoid losing online visibility.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the predicted trends for 2021.

1. Voice search

People are becoming more confident with online voice search. Optimising your website for voice search could be helpful in responding to user needs and desires, and for expanding your reach.

2. Social media

People are using social media more than ever. Social platforms provide a great opportunity for engagement and for ‘social listening’ to help you understand your customer base and better target your audiences.

3. Automation

Technologies that enable automated posts and emails, data analysis and campaign tracking allow you to get your message out quickly and regularly, as well as evaluate your impact and finetune your marketing.

4. Micro moments

Micro moments” is a term coined by Google to describe how people will use a mobile device to search, act or make a decision. Google calls these “intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped”. Google also indicates smart businesses will have a strategy for meeting consumer needs during these brief and often fleeting moments.

5. Content marketing

Content marketing still remains a popular online marketing trend. However, quality is what matters rather than quantity. This means your content (e.g. blogs, videos, social media posts) should provide true value for your audiences.

6. Predictive analysis

This refers to the use of historical data to predict future outcomes, using machine learning and algorithms. This method is used by the likes of Amazon and Netflix.

7. Personalised marketing

Mass marketing and advertising is no longer the go. A more personalised approach is preferred. This approach uses digital technologies and data analysis to target individuals based on their interests, and to improve their experiences.

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