9 Steps for Marketing Your Education Business

Marketing for the education industry Australia

“Build it and they will come” is not going to cut it when you’re attempting to gain new enrolments for your educational facility!

Marketing your education centre needs to employ the same tools and techniques used by any other business.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Define your audiences – you need to be very clear on who you are talking to in your campaigns.

2. Video marketing – video can be a very effective tool for communicating and for showcasing your school.

3. Quality website – your website should be fast-loading, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and search-engine optimised.

4. Social media – use social media to share stories, invite people to events and build communities.

5. Online advertising – use Google ads for example, or targeted advertising through social media.

6. Email marketing – this can be very effective, but make sure to segment your audience rather than sending mass generic emails.

7. User content – invite people to share content on your pages, such as guest posts on social pages and testimonials on Google and your website.

8. Expos – consider setting up a booth at educational expos in your area.  

9. Open days – consider including sample bags, timed tours, and online enrolment points at your open days. Send email invites or post them on your social pages.

Finally, doing it all yourself can be time-consuming and hard. Consider hiring a reputable marketing agency to help you!

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